Swasey Mountain Wsa

Bureau of Land Management, Utah.

At over 9,600 feet Swasey Mountain is the highest peak in the House Range and it is a prominent West Desert landmark. Swasey Peak, Tatow Knob, and the sheer limestone cliffs along the west side are the most striking features. Special Features: Bald eagles, peregrine falcons, and golden eagles are a raptor species which inhabit the WSA. Golden eagles nest in the WSA. Sensitive wildlife that could inhabit the WSA include the ferruginous hawk, long-billed curlew, burrowing owl, kit fox, and Swasey Spring pocket gopher. On the higher slopes are 1,100 acres of bristlecone pine, one of the oldest living species of trees. A herd of wild horses roams the WSA. The area around the WSA is considered to be outstanding in Utah and nationally for Cambrian trilobites. At least four limestone caves exist within the WSA.

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Swasey Mountain WSA is located in northwestern Millard County, in the northern House Range, about 35 miles west of Delta, UT