Wah Wah Mountains Wsa

Bureau of Land Management, Utah.

The Wah Wah Mountains WSA encloses a narrow, flat-topped mountain range with steep, rugged sides. Bald eagles, peregrine falcons, and golden eagles are a raptor species which inhabit the WSA. Sensitive wildlife species that could inhabit the WSA include: the ferruginous hawk, long-billed curlew, burrowing owl, and kit fox. Three sensitive plant species that may be found in the WSA are the Cryptantha compacta, Eriogonum ammophilum, and Sphaeralcea caespitosa. Bristlecone pine grows on about 190 acres in the higher parts of the WSA. Bristlecones are rare in this area and those in the WSA are exceptionally large, reaching heights of 50 feet or more. Bristlecone pines are among the oldest living trees.

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Wah Wah Mountains WSA is located in southwestern Millard County and northwestern Beaver County, about 30 miles west of Milford, UT.