Warner Valley Dinosaur Track Site

Bureau of Land Management, Utah.

Located in the Warner Valley area of St. George, Utah, this track site is popular with visitors for its relatively easy access and quality of the trackways. Approximately 400* dinosaur tracks can be found at the site in trackways or as isolated footprints. Some of the tracks are well preserved displaying toe pads and clawmarks. The larger tracks are Eubrontes (you-BRONT-tees) while the smaller tracks are Grallator (GRAL-uh-tore). It is impossible to know for certain which dinosaurs made these tracks. The terms Eubrontes and Grallator are ichnogenera. They are groups of dinosaurs categorized together from their assumed characterics based on their fossilized footprints. The Grallator footprints at this site are attributed to coelophysid dinosaurs such as Megapnosaurus (“Syntarsus” or Coelophysis). The Eubrontes footprints are widely accepted as being produced by a Dilophosaurus-sized theropod. The tracks are on top of the Springdale Member of the Kayenta Formation, which makes them lower Jurassic in age (or about 190 million years old). The rock is fine-grained reddish-brown and white sandstone. *Current estimate. The original number of tracks was thought to be only 161, but a site investigation in 2010 lead to the discovery of 400 plus tracks and counting. To read more about this discovery click here.

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From St. George-Follow S. 700 E to River Rd. then take 1450 S. St, W 3650 S and S Washington Fields Rd to E Warner Valley Rd in Washington. And then Follow E. Warner Valley Rd to trailhead sign for Dinosaur Tracks..