Old Wood Road

Bureau of Land Management, Utah.

Recommended Users: Mountain Bikers, Hikers. Singletrack. 1 mile in length Difficulty: Extremely Difficult.The Old Wood Road earned its namesake after it was built by pioneers to access Grafton Mesa from the town below. You can still see remnants of the initial construction holding the trail in place. The trail, and surrounding area are HIGHLY sensitive cultural resources and should be treated with respect. Any harm to cultural resources could result in trail closure.The trail begins on the edge of Grafton Mesa, with a beautiful vista of the gates of Zion National Park. Expect a steep, rocky descent along the entire trail, with sharp turns, sudden drop-offs and precipitous exposure. Keep in mind that entire sections of the trail may be washed out in places due to its location on a steep, eroded slope. The trail becomes braided in several sections, allowing users to choose one of several interconnected paths on their descent. Only expert riders, comfortable with exposure should attempt the Grafton descent.Note: This trail should only be considered by expert mountain bicyclists. Throughout its length, it features narrow tread width, widely variable and unpredictable tread surfaces, 20% or more average trail grade, jumps, unavoidable obstacles, loose rocks and extreme exposure. There are no convenient places to stop or turn around and the cost of a mistake in many places could result in serious injury or death. Use extreme caution, always wear a helmet, and ride at your own risk

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Take I-15 Exit 16 to Hurricane City (SR 9); take the exit ramp south toward Hurricane. Follow SR 9 east for approximately 28 miles through Hurricane, LaVerkin, and Rockvile. Near the east end of Rockville, turn right onto Bridge Road and continue across the bridge. Keep right at the next intersection and continue along the base of the surrounding mesa heading towards the historic town of Grafton. Continue roughly 2.7 miles until you see the Grafton Cemetery parking area (Do not turn south onto Smithsonian Butte Road, stay in the valley). You can park at the cemetery parking area and walk or ride your bike south on a dirt two track. The trail will branch off of this road a few hundred feet ahead. You can do the trail as a hike up and hike/bike back down. Looping options are difficult and would require going around the mesa on Smithsonian Butte Road.