Boundary Reservoir Recreation Area

Bureau of Land Management, Washington.

Due to standing hazard trees, the Grandview Boat-in Camp is closed to overnight and day use until further notice. Please contact Seattle City Light at (206) 858-3061 with any questions, or email

The waters of Boundary Reservoir back up behind Boundary Dam on the Pend Oreille River in the very northeast corner of Washington State. The area offers 3 water-access-only small recreation sites on BLM lands, all along the reservoir’s west bank, which provide primitive amenities. The BLM sites are Everett Slough, Ledbetter Cove, and Grandview.

US Forest Service lands on the other side of the reservoir offer additional primitive developed and dispersed recreation opportunities.

Due to predominating dense forest and steep canyon slopes, Everett Slough is the only one of these sites that offers a hiking opportunity. There, hikers can travel through forest along the old +1-mile-long no-public-vehicle-access dirt road grade, that ends at the recreation site. Otherwise, activities at Boundary Reservoir include motorized and non-motorized boating, fishing, picnicking, camping, and nature viewing. The 3 recreation sites each provide basic sanitary facilities with privacy fence. Additionally:

Everett Slough has 3 primitive campsites, each with tent site, picnic table, fire ring, and bear-proof storage container.

Ledbetter Cove has 4 tent sites, 2 picnic tables, 2 fire rings, and 2 bear-proof containers.

Grandview has 2 primitive campsites, each with tent site, picnic table, fire ring, and bear-proof container. Note: Grandview Boat-in Camp is closed until further notice.

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Seattle City Light manages recreational use on BLM public lands along Boundary Reservoir, at developed sites and on dispersed lands. Seattle City Light manages this recreational use under the terms and responsibilities established in their Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license for Boundary Dam. Please contact Seattle City Light directly regarding public recreational use on these BLM lands, by email at, or call Boundary Dam at 509-446-3083 (option #9).

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Just past (north of) Metaline, WA on Highway 31, turn left onto Boundary Road. Drive 12 miles to Seattle City Light's Boundary Dam / Forebay Recreation Area, with boat launch.

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