Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens

National Park Service, District of Columbia.

Deep within Kenilworth lies an oasis, hidden behind trees and cattails. It's a place where beavers build their homes and turtles sleep on logs. Lotus blooms rise from the muck and lilies sit on the water. The wind dances with the dragonflies, rustling through the trees, carrying the song of the birds until it brushes across your face, fading to a whisper, saying "come join."

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The park is located in North East Washington D.C. south of route 50 and just off the Baltimore Washington Parkway. The park is also within the D.C. Kenilworth community and the Anacostia river runs along the park boundary. Interstate 295 runs parallel to the park. The park is within half a mile from the Deanwood Metro station on the orange line. There is free parking at the park.

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