Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument

National Park Service.

Despite the hardships created by rugged isolation and the lack of natural waters, Parashant has a long human history spanning more than 11,000 years, and an equally rich geologic history spanning almost two billion years. Full of natural splendor and a sense of solitude, this area remains remote and unspoiled, qualities that are essential to the protection of its scientific and historic resources.


• The monument is located in the northwest corner of Arizona, bordering Nevada to the west and near the southern border of Utah. The monument has entry roads from Nevada, Utah and Arizona. • There are no paved roads or visitor services within the monument's million-plus acres. • Visitors should be prepared for travel on rugged dirt roads, with an appropriate high-clearance vehicle equipped with all-terrain tires. Spare tires should also be all-terrain rated.

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