Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Washington.

One of the nation’s most treasured ocean areas is Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. In these waters, visitors will find a rich abundance of marine mammals, seabirds, fish, and invertebrate communities. The area occupies a maritime cultural landscape that has supported humans since time immemorial. The contemporary cultures of four coastal tribes - Hoh Tribe, Makah Tribe, Quileute Tribe, and Quinault Indian Nation - have forged inseparable ties to the ocean environment, maintaining traditions of the past while they navigate the challenges of the present. Additionally, there are approximately two hundred historical shipwrecks reported in the vicinity of the sanctuary that mark the history of maritime shipping along the Olympic Coast. Experience the sanctuary through various activities, such as surfing, fishing, boating, and interpretive programs. To learn more about this sanctuary, visitors should stop by the Olympic Coast Discovery Center.

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From Cape Flattery to the mouth of the Copalis River, on Washington's outer coast.

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