Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Ohio.

The national NERR program, a national network of protected estuaries where integrated research and education leads to coastal stewardship, works at each estuary with a local partner(s). Old Woman Creek Research Reserve, located in Ohio, is one of the 28 protected estuaries within the NERR system. In Ohio, the local partner is the ODNR Division of Wildlife. It is one of two research reserves located in the Great Lakes. The Reserve features freshwater marshes, swamp forests, vernal pools, prairie, a barrier beach, upland forest, estuarine waters, stream and nearshore Lake Erie. The Coastal Wetland Studies Visitor Center, with new interactive exhibits and live animals, is open year-round. Visit www.oldwomancreek.org for details.

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The Old Woman Creek Reserve is located on the south-central shore of Lake Erie in Erie County, Ohio, three miles east of Huron.

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