California Coastal National Monument

Bureau of Land Management, California.

Connecting the Pacific Ocean with the land, the California Coastal National Monument provides unique coastal

habitat for marine-dependent wildlife and vegetation on 6 mainland units and more than 20,000 rocks, islands, exposed reefs, and pinnacles along the California coastline. The Monument includes public lands along the coast of California, and in the near shore waters of the Pacific Ocean. The off-shore rocks and islands are exposed above mean high tide, and within 12 nautical miles of the mainland along the 1,100 mile California coastline.While millions of people view the Monument from beaches, bluffs, and watercraft, a closer look reveals activity as it provides untrammeled nesting habitat for an estimated 200,000 breeding seabirds and thousands of loafing and breeding marine mammals, including harbor seals, and California and Steller's sea lions.The California coast is a way of life for millions of Californians, and a destination for visitors from around the world. We come to the coast for health, play, work, discovery, and enjoyment. The scenic beauty and important wildlife habitat within the Monument are protected by the BLM as National Conservation Lands. Along its length, this spectacular interplay of land and sea is an experience that creates lasting connections between people and nature.

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