John W. and Louise Seier National Wildlife Refuge

Fish and Wildlife Service, Nebraska.

The Refuge is found in the Sandhills of north-central Nebraska, as a sanctuary among the Sandhills. The Sandhills region is the largest remaining tract of mixed and tall grass prairie in North America. The Refuge is located 25 miles south of Bassett, Nebraska.

Currently, the Refuge is only open for hunting. Birdwatching, wildlife observation and photography are among the opportunities that will be provided to the public in the future. There is no projected date for the opening of the Refuge, though one will be established upon the completion of a management plan. The Refuge is administered through Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge Complex office located in Valentine, Nebraska.

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John W. & Louise Seier NWR is located about 25 miles south of Bassett, Nebraska, off of U.S. Highway 183.

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