Florence Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Fish and Wildlife Service, North Dakota.

On May 10, 1939, Florence Lake National Wildlife Refuge was established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Florence Lake Refuge is located in northern Burleigh County approximately 45 miles northwest of Long Lake National Wildlife Refuge and has almost 1,000 acres of virgin native mixed-grass prairie and a 132-acre meandered lake. Surrounded by native prairie, Florence Lake provides breeding and migration habitat for a diverse array of migratory birds. This high-quality prairie habitat attracts grassland birds including grassland passerines that are sought by birders visiting the region.

The Refuge draws in significant numbers of waterfowl during the fall migration and plays an important role as a migratory bird nesting area. Florence Lake attracts up to 80-100 duck pairs per square mile during the spring breeding season. Resident and migratory wildlife species, including sharp-tailed grouse, gray partridge, white-tailed deer, and coyotes also utilize the Refuge.

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Florence Lake NWR is located about 11 miles northeast of Wing, North Dakota. From Wing, travel north on Highway 14 for 9 miles, then turn west on the gravel road for 3 miles, turn north 1 mile, and then go east 1 mile. Access roads are gravel and the last mile is unimproved prairie trail which is impassible when wet.

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