Harry Strunk Lake (Medicine Creek State Park Recreation Area)


Harry Strunk Lake, Frenchman Cambridge Division, PSMBP, is managed for the Bureau of Reclamation by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Formed by Medicine Creek Dam located on Medicine Creek, irrigation releases are made to the streams for diversion into downstream canal systems. Reservoir open 24 hours. Fair access roads. Available species include walleye, crappie, white bass, channel catfish, and wipers. Irrigation supply reservoir experiencing fluctuations. The reservoir has water 1,850 surface acres, 7,093 land acres and 29 miles of shoreline. Fishing season is year-round.Numerous tracts provide food and cover for pheasant, quail, small fur-bearing animals, and mule and white-tail deer. Over 5,600 acres are open to public hunting.

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Site is 9 miles northwest of Cambridge, Nebraska. Nearest highway is U.S. 34.

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