Atigun Pass

Bureau of Land Management, Alaska.

You cross the Continental Divide at Atigun Pass (milepost 244, elevation 4,739 feet). South of here, rivers flow into the Pacific Ocean or Bering Sea, while rivers to the north flow into the Arctic Ocean. Storms can dump snow here even in June and July. 

Watch for Dall sheep, which often feed and rest on rocky slopes close to the highway. Dall sheep also frequent mountainsides between Atigun Pass and Galbraith Lake (mile 275), and Slope Mountain (milepost 300). North of the pass the landscape opens to vast, treeless tundra where wildlife is more visible. You can look for grizzly bears, wolves, caribou, and muskoxen (north of Slope Mountain), and hunting birds such as peregrine falcons, golden eagles, and short-eared owls. Close to the Arctic Ocean coast, scan for snowy owls and arctic foxes.  

If stopping to watch wildlife, be sure to find parking areas well off the highway. The Dalton Highway is a rough, tough and remote road. Check the website ( for information on preparation and safe driving.  

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From Fairbanks, drive north 11 miles on the Steese Highway (#6) to Fox. Continue on the Elliott Highway (#12). The Dalton Highway (#11) begins at Elliott Highway milepost 73. Atigun Pass is at milepost 244, approximately 8 hours straight driving time from Fairbanks. 

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