21C Museum Hotel Kansas City by Mgallery

Near Kansas City, Missouri

21C Museum Hotel Kansas City by Mgallery does not offer reservations through Recreation.gov. Please take a look at the area details below for more information about visiting this location. Enjoy your visit!


The origin story of the 21c Museum Hotel Kansas City is a tale involving two distinct venues. Consisting of a historic hotel and its accompanying restaurant, this stunning location has been in operation for more than a century. The hotel actually predates the restaurant, having occupied the site since 1888. It was founded by John and Charles Arbuckle, who rose in prominence throughout Kansas City due to the success of their business, the “Arbuckle Coffee Company.” To further enhance their economic prosperity, the brothers decided to construct an upscale hotel in the center of what is now the city’s financial district. The Arbuckles hired the architectural firm Van Burnt & Howe for the project, who subsequently designed the building with Art Nouveau-style architecture. When the Savoy Hotel debuted in the 1890s, the hotel featured a number of amazing features, including a magnificent series of stained-glass windows that are still present today. For Price Match Guarantee and Special Offers please visit HistoricHotels.org

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