Search Bay

Near Hessel, Michigan

Search Bay does not offer reservations through Please take a look at the area details below for more information about visiting this location. Enjoy your visit!


Search no more for your perfect, off-the-beaten-track campsite and swimming hole. Aspen groves, cedar swamps, meadows and ponds are nearby, along with resident deer, bald eagles and loons.

A single track dirt road, (Forest Road 3436) starts from the Highway 134 and meanders through aspen groves, cedar swamps, meadows and ponds to an unimproved camping area along the edge of Search Bay. Camping is primitive, with no facilities such as tables, toilets or drinking water. The diversity of habitats along the road attracts a variety of wildlife, so stop frequently to scan the surrounding area. During the breeding season in spring, watch for nesting bald eagles and listen for loons calling from the water. Walk along the edge of the bay in the spring and fall and scan the adjacent trees and shrubs for migrating songbirds. In the summer, stop for a swim and watch for waterfowl feeding in the shallow bay. This is also an important winter deer range as the browse line on the trees indicates. Trails traverse the area and provide a wonderful experience. Depending on water levels, the boat launch may be used to launch small boats. Kayak & canoe access is available.