Apache Creek Loop

Apache Creek Loop does not offer reservations through Recreation.gov. Please take a look at the area details below for more information about visiting this location. Enjoy your visit!


The Apache Creek Loop is comprised of Graver Wash Trail #9904, Apache Creek Trail #9905, Upper Graver Wash Trail #9906, and a portion of FR 95A. The loop begins at Trail #9904, which travels north through pinyon-juniper woodland. Here, as well as farther along the loop, are some extraordinary alligator junipers that are centuries old and several feet in diameter. The nearby Juniper Mesa Wilderness comes in and out of view as the trail traverses a series of gentle hills. After crossing Apache Creek, Trail #9904 and Trail #9905 junction in a wide open meadow studded with shade trees. Trail #9905 proceeds southwest, crosses the creek, and then climbs sandy hills flanked on either side by higher terrain. This portion of the loop weaves in and out of the creek bed, which is home to a diverse riparian plant community. The lush vegetation and availability of water, along with the overall remoteness of the area, support plenty of wildlife, including deer, jackrabbit, mountain lion, and bear. Trail #9905 meets Trail #9906 a couple hundred meters past an old corral alongside a grassy floodplain ringed by ponderosa pine forest. Trail #9906 begins uphill, traveling southwest along a significant drainage. The southern end of this trail provides an interesting look at fire history. The charred bodies of trees stand over a blanket of shrubs that have begun to reclaim the burned area. Trail #9906 ends at FR 95A, which provides a route back to the trailhead for Trail #9904.

• This loop is open to hikers and horseback riders. Portions of Trail #9905 lie within the Apache Creek Wilderness. Motor vehicles and the use of any mechanized equipment, including bicycles, are prohibited. Wilderness is an important resource and national heritage—please, leave no trace.


Printable Trail Description and Map (595 KB PDF; 8.5” X 11”)