Battlement #2160 (West)

Near Parachute, Colorado

Battlement #2160 (West) does not offer reservations through Please take a look at the area details below for more information about visiting this location. Enjoy your visit!


This page describes the western half of the Battlement Trail. This portion of the trail traverses the Battlement Mesa, and can be accessed from the west via the Battlement Road or from the east via the Beaver Creek Trail. The trail stays along the top of the mesa, giving it an easy grade with good, wide tread. Along the way, the scenery alternates between stands of coniferous trees and open meadows. The trail crosses beneath North and South Mamm Peaks at approximately 4.5 miles from the Beaver Creek Trail (or 3.5 miles from the Battlement Road). Visitors can also expect to encounter several easy creek crossings along this route.

The entire Battlement Trail is 17.5 miles long. From the top of the ridge above Beaver Creek, the trail descends into the Mamm Creek drainage and continues anotherĀ 9.5 miles to the southeast. This ridge offers excellent views of the Mamm Creek drainage, Hunter Mesa, and the Grand Hogback.

The Battlement Trail is open to hikers and horseback riders. This area is popular during big game hunting season. Please note that the trail is not regularly maintained between the Battlement Road and North Mamm Peak.

Historical note: The Battlement Trail is also known as the "Government Trail," the "CCC Trail," or the "Cayton Trail." In the early twentieth century, forest ranger James Cayton followed this approximate route while patrolling the Battlement National Forest. You can learn more about James Cayton by visiting the webpage for the Cayton Ranger Station.