Welaka National Fish Hatchery

Near Fort Mc Coy, Florida

Welaka National Fish Hatchery does not offer reservations through Recreation.gov. Please take a look at the area details below for more information about visiting this location. Enjoy your visit!


The Welaka National Fish Hatchery was built in 1928 and originally operated by the State of Florida. Welaka raises species of fish that can tolerate water temperatures up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Species on station include Gulf and Atlantic Striped Bass, Atlantic Sturgeon, Channel Catfish, Bluegill, Redear Sunfish, Golden Shiners, and even Eastern Indigo Snakes. We coordinate our program activities with partners that include Federal agencies, state conservation agencies, universities, and tribal nations. The species raised here are vital to the fishery resources and upland ecosystems of the Southeastern United States. New programs are added as recovery/restoration needs arise. Please visit our aquarium at the Welaka Unit. Fish raised at the hatchery as well as other native species of fish, amphibians and reptiles are on display. Information and brochures pertaining to the hatchery and it's operation are also available at this location. Aquarium Hours: 7am to 4pm daily.