Saratoga National Fish Hatchery

Near Saratoga, Wyoming

Saratoga National Fish Hatchery does not offer reservations through Please take a look at the area details below for more information about visiting this location. Enjoy your visit!


The Saratoga National Fish Hatchery was established in 1911 and has served, primarily, as an egg producing facility for most of its years of operation. The current mission of the Saratoga hatchery is to provide lake trout eggs to the Great Lakes restoration effort, and to provide brown trout eggs to other Federal, state and tribal programs. The hatchery also provides Cutthroat and Rainbow trout for stocking on the Wind River Reservation. The hatchery holds a refugium of the endangered Wyoming toad and produces tadpoles, toadlets and adult toads for reintroduction into the wild. Visitors can view production and broodstock trout and endangered Wyoming toads. They can also view birds and other wildlife at the hatcheries wetland overlook viewing area.