Mt. Baker Summit - Climbing

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Near Deming, Washington

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The most prominent feature of the Mt. Baker Wilderness  is the 10,781 foot [3,286 meters] active volcano from which the wilderness takes its name. Mt. Baker is the northernmost volcano in the United States Cascade Range located 15 miles south of the Canadian border. The mountain is perpetually snow-capped and mantled with an extensive network of creeping glaciers. Baker's summit, called Grant Peak, is actually a 1,300-foot-deep mound of ice, which hides a massive volcanic crater. Directly to the south is a smaller and younger crater, which is currently a center of periodic steam eruptions. Sherman Crater is only partially ice-filled and the rim's pinnacle, known as Sherman Peak, reaches an elevation of approximately 10,160 feet [3,097 meters].

Mt. Baker lies in two separate congressionally designated areas: the Mt. Baker Wilderness and the Mt. Baker National Recreation Area. Most of Mt. Baker is in Wilderness, with the National Recreation Area encompassing the south slope.

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