Baby Granite Loop

Prescott National Forest, Near Prescott Valley, Arizona

Baby Granite Loop does not offer reservations through Please take a look at the area details below for more information about visiting this location. Enjoy your visit!


Trail Description: The Baby Granite Loop lies within Granite Mountain Wilderness and is comprised of Tin Trough Springs Trail #308, Baby Granite Trail #320, and North Granite Trail #671. This loop offers impressive views of Granite and Baby Granite Mountains. Vegetation communities transition from grassland and chaparral to pinyon-juniper woodland and support a diverse community of Southwestern birds. The loop traverses a sculpted landscape of igneous granite that has been eroded into the striking formations typical of the Prescott area.


From Williamson Valley Trailhead, Tin Trough Springs Trail #308 passes through sloping grassland and begins a gradual descent into pinyon-juniper woodland. The trail continues over gentle terrain and crosses Mint Wash, where large cottonwoods line the banks. Past the wilderness boundary, Trail #308 traverses a landscape of rugged granite formations and ascends a short distance to the junction with Baby Granite Trail #320. Trail #320 winds up and down through granite boulders, and affords beautiful views of Baby Granite Mountain. This trail dead-ends at an old road, now North Granite Trail #671, which rejoins Trail #308 to complete the loop. This end of Trail #308 climbs up and down a series of small hills, and provides the most challenging terrain along the loop. Stunning views of Baby Granite Mountain and sweeping hillsides of pinyon pine make it well worth the effort.

Motor vehicles and the use of any mechanized equipment, including bicycles, are prohibited on Trail #320 and the section of Trail #308 that lies within the Granite Mountain Wilderness. Wilderness is an important resource and national heritage—please, leave no trace. Restrooms are located at the trailhead. Prepare for hot, dry conditions and meager shade during summer.


Granite Basin Recreation Area Brochure (120 KB)


Notice: Visitors are asked to be alert and stay on existing trails when recreating on Granite Mountain as the area recovers from the Doce Fire of 2013. Soil erosion has occurred on portions of the trails, thus exposing more rock, and cross-country travel increases the possibility of encountering rolling rocks, stump and root holes, falling trees, and loose soils from rains.