Alabama Hills

Near Lone Pine, California

Alabama Hills does not offer reservations through Please take a look at the area details below for more information about visiting this location. Enjoy your visit!


5/13/2024 -Please check road status before your next visit to the Alabama Hills. The main access to the Hills through Whitney Portal Road is closed. Visitors need to use an alternate route, preferably Lubken Canyon Road (signs on Highway 395 will direct you). Visit the Inyo County website for updates. The Alabama Hills remain open, but visitors should prepare for longer travel times to get to Movie Road. We ask that visitors drive slowly on the detour.


The Alabama Hills are a formation of rounded rocks and eroded hills set at the base of the jagged peaks of the Sierra Nevada. Both geologic features were shaped by the same uplifting occurring 100 million years ago.

Visitors enjoy touring film sites, photography, rock climbing, exploring natural arches, and viewing the swaths of wildflowers that bloom every spring. Horseback riding and mountain biking are popular activities.

Please visit the Alabama Hills National Scenic Area page for more information about the activities and history of the Alabama Hills.

Camping in The Alabama Hills


The best place to camp when you visit the Alabama Hills is at the nearby campgrounds, all within a few miles of Movie Road. This includes the BLM Tuttle Creek Campground, the Inyo National Forest Lone Pine Campground, and the Inyo County Portuguese Joe Campground. There are bathrooms, picnic tables and big sites for RVs and trailers.

View a map of campsites in the Alabama Hills.

Designated Campsites

Camping outside of a campground in designated campsites requires extra time and preparation to make sure impacts are minimal to this special place. A great source for tips to reduce your impact when dispersed camping is


Where Can I Use the Restroom?

To control human waste, six porta potties have been placed in the Alabama Hills. Please either use these restrooms or pack out your solid human waste using a portable waste system (RV toilet, wag bag, portable toilet, etc.).

The porta potties are located at the Mobius Arch trailhead and across from the Shark Fin parking area.

How Can I Have a Campfire?

Check for current restrictions that may be in place.

California campfire permit are required on BLM managed lands within California. California. Campfire permits are available free online at or at all BLM, U.S. Forest Service and Cal Fire offices.

Use existing fire rings in an existing campsite. Extinguish fires with water, not dirt. Be sure to have shovels, adequate water, and fire extinguishers. Do not build fires next to rock outcrops where the black scars will remain for many years. Do not cut down brush to fuel your fire.

How Long Can I Stay?

Maximum of 7 days in a 28 day period, and not to exceed 14 days in a calendar year. Please note: Dispersed camping is limited to 14 days per year within the Bishop Field Office boundaries.

Permits: Coming Soon!

Free Permits

Soon a permit will be required to dispersed camp in the Alabama Hills. The permit will be free and will be an acknowledgement that you understand the rules and guidance for dispersed camping. The permit will be found online or at the information kiosks. The permit will not be a reservation of a site.


The desert vegetation is fragile and likely older than you, so please Don’t Crush the Brush! 

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