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Katmai National Park & Preserve

Katmai National Monument was established in 1918 to protect the volcanically devastated region surrounding Mount Katmai and the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. Today, Katmai National Park and Preserve remains an active volcanic landscape, but it also protects 9,000 years of human history as well as important habitat for salmon and the thousands of brown bears that feed on them. 

With its wildlife viewing opportunities, access to Naknek Lake and stunning views of nearby mountains, the Brooks Camp Campground is considered by many to be one of the top campgrounds in North America. Non-commercial camping reservations during a commercially guided trip are prohibited. Commercial users must request commercial account access through the Katmai National Park Commercial Services office at (907) 226-4660.

Camping at Brooks Camp is only permitted within the designated campground. Campers arriving without a reservation, especially in July when the campground is usually full, must be prepared to backcountry camp outside of the Brooks Camp Developed Area (see Backcountry/Wilderness Camping below).  

Backcountry/Wilderness Camping:

More than four million acres (1,600,000 ha) of Katmai are open to backcountry/wilderness camping. Backcountry camping is not permitted within the Brooks Camp Developed Area (the area within 1.5 miles (2.4 km) of Brooks Falls) year-round or within the core Hallo Bay meadows from April 1 through October 31. No permits are required for backcountry camping. 

Permit & Season Information

Peak season for Brooks Camp Campground is June 1 to September 17. The permit fee is reduced in the shoulder season, May 1 to May 31, September 18 to October 31. During the shoulder season, camp and campground services are minimal. Water, firewood, and a live electric fence may not be available. Ranger, maintenance, and janitorial services may not be provided.

Need to Know

Available Campground Facilities:  

Accessibility: Brooks Camp Campground has two tent locations available for use with the following features: tent pads with compacted surfaces, and firm, stable, gently sloping routes to compliant fire rings, cook shelters, toilets, and picnic tables with wheelchair clearance. If no one in your party needs a tent pad with these features, please consider selecting another tent pad unless these are the only tent pads available upon your arrival to the campground.   

Cooking Shelters: Three covered cooking shelters are available. Each has a picnic table for cooking and eating out of the weather. No eating, drinking or cooking should take place away from the cooking shelters.  

Electrified Fence: The campground is surrounded by an electric fence to deter bears from entering. The fence is bear-resistant, but not bear-proof. Bears tend to avoid contact with the fence, but campers must take extra precautions to avoid attracting bears.  

Fire Rings: A fire ring is located at each cooking shelter. Campers are not allowed to cook food over the fire.  

Food and Gear Storage Cache: Campers are required to store all food and odorous items in the cache. There is a trash receptacle in the food cache for garbage. A gear cache is available to store any items not needed at your tent. Campers are asked to store their gear inside the gear cache to avoid piquing a bear’s curiosity.  

Fuel Storage Locker: Store your camp stove fuel here. Please store liquid fuels (white gas) separately from gaseous fuels (propane/butane).  

Potable Water: Potable water is available from a spigot on the wall of the food storage cache June 1 through September 17.  

Toilets: Two vault toilets are in the campground.   

Learn more about Brook Camp Campground rules and regulations.

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Fee Policy

Reservation Fee: 

A $6.00 advanced reservation fee applies to each reservation. 

Recreation Fees: 

The fee for Brooks Camp Campground is $18 per person, per night during the peak season (June 1 to September 17). There is a maximum group size of six people for each permit. In the shoulder season (May 1 to May 31, September 18 to October 31) the fee is reduced to $10 per person, per night. 

Change Policies:  

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policies:

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