Coyote Buttes South Daily Lottery

Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness

Important Information: THIS IS NOT THE WAVE 




If you are planning to visit Coyote Buttes South, there are only two possible options to get a permit.   

The Coyote Buttes South Daily Lottery - apply on this website 


The Coyote Buttes South Advanced Permit – apply to Calendar here  

Quick information about the Daily Lottery 

Applications must be submitted two days before your hike during the lottery application window (6am - 6pm).

You need a mobile device to apply – desktop or laptops will not work. Out of date mobile apps will cause issues with payment.

You must be in the geofence area to apply (see map). 

10 people and/or 4 groups (whichever comes first) receive permits through this Daily Lottery.


Quick information about the Advanced Permit

The calendar opens 4 months in advance of the hike month (see website for the current month).  

You can apply from anywhere or any device.

10 people and/or 4 groups (whichever comes first) receive permits through this calendar.  

It is your responsibility to understand this information before applying for a permit. There are no refunds for lottery applications or permits, and permits cannot be rescheduled for any reason. 

The lottery system is based on the time in Utah and the Navajo Nation. There are multiple deadlines to be aware of: submitting the application, accepting the lottery, picking up your permit. Carefully review the chart under Important Dates to see details concerning time zones.     

Overview of Coyote Buttes South 

This is Not The Wave 

Coyote Buttes South is just a small part of the 112,500 acre Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, but it includes some of the most visually striking geologic sandstone formations in the world. This area requires hiking in deep sand. There are no designated hiking trails or specific destinations in Coyote Buttes South. Hikers enjoy exploring and discovering their own routes. This remote area offers opportunity for solitude where you will very likely see no one or have only occasional contact with other visitors. Permit holders should be in good physical condition and have good backcountry hiking and navigation skills. 

To help protect yourself and the wilderness experience, please take the following precautions: 

Four-wheel drive, high-clearance vehicle is required for Cottonwood Cove & Paw Hole Trailheads. The roads accessing these trailheads are composed of deep sand with sections of rough rock.

Lone Tree is the only trailhead that may be accessible with a two-wheel drive, high-clearance vehicle when road conditions are good. However, accessing the permit area using this option adds an additional 5-mile round trip hike through deep sand.

Check weather forecasts at the Paria Contact Station, the GSENM Kanab Visitor Center, or online before you go.

Tell a responsible person your itinerary and whom to contact if you are overdue.

Carry at least a gallon of water per person in hot weather. 

Notifications and Alerts

Permit & Season Information

A permit is required to visit the Coyote Buttes South permit area. Permits are distributed through this Daily Lottery, two days ahead of the permit date, or through the Coyote Buttes South advance permit calendar, which opens four months ahead of the permit month. 

Application submissions to the Daily Lottery are limited by a geofence. To apply, a group member must be within the geofence during the application window of 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, two days before the permit date. 

The lottery is held daily.

Need to Know

Permit Information Permit area does not include the Wave.  

Late or no shows to the in person orientation, result in a cancelation of permits.

Permits are non-refundable. No Rainchecks.

Permits are valid only in the Coyote Buttes South permit area for the group size and date specified. They are not valid for other permit areas such as Coyote Buttes North (The Wave) or Paria Canyon Overnight.

Violators of group size may be cited if limit is exceeded. Joining with those on a separate permit to exceed 6 is prohibited.

If non-commercial users obtain a permit and opt to retain an authorized outfitter and guide service, the guide will not count against the group size limit or the total visitor limit for the given day. 

Authorized commercial operators may also reserve permits for trips they lead. They compete equally with non-commercial users. If a guide service obtains a permit, the guide will count against the group size. 

Safety is your responsibility! 

Before reserving a Coyote Buttes South permit, it is important to understand what to expect. This permit area does not contain any trails or facilities; a visit here entails exploring a remote, undeveloped area. 

Permits are issued for every day of the year, but changing conditions mean that access is not always safe or possible. Consider seasonal weather and road conditions before making a reservation. Permits cannot be rescheduled, even when conditions are poor. If you receive a permit for a day with unsafe conditions, you must choose whether or not to use the permit. Depending on the season, there is potential for extreme temperatures, flash flooding, and impassable roads. All fees are non-refundable and there are no rainchecks regardless of weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstances.

The roads that access the permit area consist of deep sand and sharp rocks. Because of the road conditions, two-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles are not sufficient for reaching the access points; four-wheel-drive high-clearance vehicles are required. Experience driving in deep sand is also important. Every year, groups get stuck and stranded after attempting the drive without adequate experience or vehicles.

If you lack an appropriate vehicle or an experienced driver, consider renting a four-wheel-drive high-clearance vehicle or hiring an authorized guide.

You are responsible for your safety. If you get lost while hiking, experience a non-life-threatening emergency, or if your vehicle becomes stuck or breaks down, it is your responsibility, not that of emergency services or the BLM, to deal with the situation. Getting help can be challenging and expensive. Consider this before purchasing a permit. Visitors must be self-reliant and prepared for the challenges of visiting the area.

Notify an emergency contact of your plans, including where you are going and when you plan to return. Stick to your plans.

Call 911 in case of a life-threatening emergency. Cell phones are unreliable in this area, but may be able to reach 911 even when other numbers do not work. 

Rules and Regulations 

Use of motorized and mechanized vehicles and equipment, and the launching and landing of drones, is prohibited in Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness. (e.g. no bicycles, skateboards, strollers)

All group members must stay together.

Coyote Buttes South permit area is designated day use only. Overnight camping is prohibited.

Dogs are allowed, but they must be included on the permit and kept under control at all times. Waste must be packed out.

All natural and cultural objects are protected. 

Defacing surfaces and cutting or trampling vegetation is prohibited. 

Harassing or feeding wildlife is prohibited.

Campfires and burning of trash are prohibited. All trash, including toilet paper, must be carried out.

Recreational use of horses or pack stock is not permitted.

A Special Recreation Permit is required in addition to the recreation permit, for all commercial uses such as outfitters or organized group guided trips. 

Fee Policy

Application Fee: A non-refundable $9.00 lottery fee is required for each lottery application.

Recreation Fee: If selected in the lottery, a recreation fee of $5.00 per person or dog is required. This fee is paid online when filling in additional information to complete the process after successfully winning. Everyone, regardless of age, must be included in the permit. This includes infants that are not walking. Payment of recreation fees is only required if a permit is awarded through the lottery.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: All fees are non-refundable. If a permit is cancelled, it does not return to the pool.

Change Policy: There will be no change or modification allowed to permit dates, applicant name and group size following the application process. The only way to modify these details is to cancel the first application and submit a new one, which will require an additional payment of the $9.00 application fee.

If the primary permit holder cannot make the trip on the permit date and is not present, the permit is invalid.

Contact Information

Mailing Address

345 E Riverside Dr St. George UT 84790

Open Monday to Friday 8:00 to 4:30 This is not a permit pick-up location. See the Getting Here section for details.

Phone Number

(435) 688 - 3200

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