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Bears Ears National Monument

Moon House is just one of the many incredible archeological structures found in the Bears Ears National Monument cultural landscape. Ancestral Puebloans, early residents of Cedar Mesa, left behind traces of their lifestyle and culture in the form of structures, artifacts, and rock imagery. Moon House is known not only for its extensive buildings, but also for pictographs found within its rooms and on nearby walls. In order to protect this sensitive site, the Bureau of Land Management requires a permit to visit Moon House. Read on to learn more about Moon House day hiking permits. 

Hiking to Moon House is a rugged experience from start to finish. The road out to Moon House is rough; high-clearance and four-wheel drive are suggested, but the drive can be completed by two-wheel drive vehicles depending on conditions. The trail itself can be challenging for inexperienced hikers. There is a five-foot pouroff halfway to the archeological site which is impassable for some visitors depending on their comfort levels and prior experiences. See our Moon House Guide to determine whether or not a trip to Moon House is suitable for your vehicle and companions. Stop at the Kane Gulch Ranger Station (open seasonally) to check conditions before you hike. Dogs are not allowed in the Moon House Recreational Management Zone. As you prepare for your trip, be sure to Know Before You Go , Visit With Respect , and visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Reservations on this site are available for non-commercial hiking only. Commercial and organized groups (including universities, schools, scouts and clubs) must contact the Monticello Field Office for information on additional Special Recreation Permit requirements. No permits or passes are required for car touring and dispersed camping in Bears Ears National Monument. Vehicles and bicycles must stay on open designated roads and visitors must use established campsites and avoid impacting undisturbed areas.

Permit & Season Information

This permit is for visiting Moon House. Starting in the spring of 2023, permit check-in requirements have been reinstated. Your permit is not valid until you meet in person with a BLM Park Ranger. To get your permit validated, print two copies of your permit and visit the Kane Gulch Ranger Station or the Monticello Field Office . A ranger will speak with you about archeological site etiquette , provide current conditions , and go over details of your trip with you. Please note that validation is not required in the offseasons (summer and winter): see "Important Dates" below for more information. 

Cedar Mesa backpacking permits and Cedar Mesa / Comb Ridge Day Hiking Passes can be obtained through their respective pages. Visit those pages to purchase permits.

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Moon House Permits

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Recreation Fee:

Permit fees must be paid at the time the reservation is booked. The following permit fee schedule is in effect:  

Reservation Fee:

A $6.00 non-refundable reservation fee is required for all advanced reservation permits.

Cancellation Policy


Full refunds of per person recreation fees are available for cancellations and group size reductions made a minimum of 5 days in advance of the entry date. The reservation fee is non-refundable. There are no refunds for cancellations and group size reductions made less than 5 days before the entry date. 


All changes are dependent on availability. Changes to group size may be made on this website for no additional fee (except the per person fee when adding to your group).

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