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This page provides reservation opportunities for the top-down overnight hike through the Virgin River Narrows. The Narrows is a winding 16-mile hike in a river, descending down the narrowest part of the Wild and Scenic Virgin River. Hikers will need to wade and sometimes swim through sections of the river to complete the trip. In winter and spring, this hike is often inaccessible due to road conditions and impractical due to hiking conditions. Check the Zion Narrows webpage for more information about this often underestimated hike. 

Other Wilderness overnight permits, canyoneering permits, climbing bivouac permits, and Angels Landing permits can be found on different pages within the Zion Recreation.gov gateway menu.

Permit & Season Information

A permit is required for all Wilderness camping trips in Zion National Park. All persons who intend to sleep overnight, camp, or bivouac in the Wilderness, or who are in possession of equipment designed for overnight use in the backcountry, must obtain a Wilderness permit and carry it with them.  

Need to Know

The Virgin River is closed to all hiking when the river flow is above 150 CFS. The top-down route, including all overnight trips through the Narrows, is closed when the river flow is above 120 CFS. The River and all canyons in the park are closed when the National Weather Service issues a Flash Flood Warning. Real time flow rate data can be found here.  

Spring Conditions

As the winter snow melts, the Virgin River often floods during the spring and the Narrows are closed due to dangerous conditions. The date at which the Narrows opens depends completely on winter snow levels and spring high temperatures. Records for the opening dates of the Narrows over the last 10 years can be found here. 

When the Narrows are open, spring temperatures in the river usually lead to visitors needing wetsuits or even drysuits to safely complete the hike and avoid hypothermia. 

Summer Conditions

While early summer is usually a great time to be in the Narrows, summer monsoon weather patterns lead to dangerous thunderstorms and flash floods during July, August, and September. Weather is very difficult to forecast during this time of year. Flash floods are deadly, and visitors should avoid all narrow canyons, including the Narrows, when rain or thunderstorms are in the forecast. 

Fall Conditions

Cold air and water temperatures in the fall usually lead to visitors needing wetsuits or even drysuits to safely complete the hike and avoid hypothermia. 

Winter Conditions

Cold, icy conditions usually occur all winter long in the Narrows. Drysuits are usually needed to avoid hypothermia in the Narrows. The road to the starting trailhead (Chamberlain's Ranch) is usually covered in a few feet of snow during the winter, making the hike inaccessible by vehicle. 

General Information

Fee Policy

Permit Fee: $20 per permit (non-refundable)

Per Person Fee: $7 per person per night (refundable)

The same fees are charged for first-come, first-served permits that are issued in person. This fee supports the permit and reservation management system.

Cancellation Policy

Per person fees are refundable if the permit is cancelled or modified to a smaller group size before 5pm the day of the trip. The $20 permit fee is non-refundable in all circumstances.

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