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Grand Teton National Park

Over 230 miles of breathtaking mountain trails, high-alpine camping zones, lakeshore and boat-in sites, and climbing bivy sites await the mountain adventurer. Some of the most impressive mountain wilderness in the world is found in Grand Teton National Park - pristine alpine meadows blanketed with wildflowers, crystal clear lakes and streams, glacially carved canyons, towering granite peaks and abundant wildlife. The area is typified by rugged peaks and dramatic canyons ranging from 6,700 feet to 13,770 feet in elevation. Planning Your Backcountry Trip prior to backountry camping is key to a successful trip.

Permit & Season Information

All persons who intend to sleep overnight, camp, or bivouac in the backcountry of Grand Teton National Park, or who are in possession of equipment designed for overnight use in the backcountry, must obtain a backcountry camping permit and carry it with them.   

Need to Know

One permit can include up to 10 consecutive nights of stay in multiple campsite zones. Once you have determined the areas you would like to visit during your backcountry trip you will need to reserve a campsite for each night.

Early Season Snow Conditions

Snow usually melts from valley trails, approximately 6,700 feet by mid-June but remains in parts of the high country through much of the summer. Safe travel over Paintbrush, Static Peak and Moose Basin Divides, and Hurricane, Mt. Meek and Fox Creek Passes requires an ice axe and knowledge of its use as late as August. Snow conditions vary from year to year. If you are planning to cross any divides before late July, and do not have the skills for safe use of an ice axe on steep snowfields, consider an alternate route. Crossing a divide or pass is essential when traveling on the Teton Crest Trail and for loop trips. However, there are still opportunities for a rewarding "in and out" trip utilizing any of the major canyons.  


Permits are not required for mountaineering, but climbers on overnight trips must have a backcountry permit to camp or bivouac. Weather can be extreme and change rapidly, impacting climbing trips to the Teton Range. It's important to check current local weather and mountain conditions prior to your visit. We encourage climbers to pack out what they pack in including packing out human waste from this fragile alpine environment. Bags are made available to those who are camping at the Lower Saddle and the Caves campsites.     

Bear Country

All backcountry campers are required to carry Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee approved bear canisters unless a bear proof metal box is installed at the campsite. Canisters can be checked out at all permit issuing stations free of charge with a backcountry permit. Learn more about Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee approved portable bear resistant food canisters.   


Backcountry Safety Video to help prepare for backcountry travel in Grand Teton National Park.

The Grand Teton backcountry is organized into zones and sites--Backcountry Camping Areas In planning your trip, decide how far is reasonable for all your group members to hike each day, keeping in mind elevation changes. Plot this out using the Backcountry Planning Map and “point to point” mileage information on the map. When you select a campsite from the Mountain Camping Zones (campsites higher in elevation and further hiking mileage to get to) area you are permitted to camp anywhere inside that zone. View maps of the Mountain Camping Zones Mountain Camping Zones.  Sel ecting individual sites, such as from the lower elevation Jackson or Leigh Lakes areas, offers specific designated camping spots which can be accessed by boat or some by a short hike. These are marked by a sign and have tent pads.  

Large groups may not split into smaller groups and camp in the same zone together. Permits are subject to review and violations may result in the permit being revoked.

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