Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Permits

Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge

Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge (refuge) is part of the Chesapeake Marshlands National Wildlife Refuge Complex. It is one of over 565 National Wildlife Refuges in the United States. The primary objective of a National Wildlife Refuge is to provide habitat for the conservation and protection of wildlife. Carefully managed hunts maintain wildlife populations at a level compatible with the environment, provide wholesome recreational opportunities, and permit the use of a valuable renewable resource.

Once on the refuge please follow the posted guidelines.

Biting insects and ticks are present during warmer months. There are no nearby stores to purchase repellent, water, or sunscreen. Please plan accordingly prior to arriving at the refuge.

Permit & Season Information

This permit authorizes the permit holder and their group to hunt the Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge for white-tailed deer only. The refuge offers archery, muzzleloader, and shotgun hunts as well as special disabled and youth hunt permits. Taking and/or collecting any other wildlife or plants is a violation of refuge regulations.  

Permits are only made through Recreation.gov. The refuge will not sell permits in-person or by phone.

Hunt permits can be reserved during the open hunt season and will close on the last day of the open hunt at 3:00 p.m. ET.

Permit holder and group members, including assistants and adult supervisors (for youth hunters), must always have a signed permit on their person while hunting in the refuge.

Please Note: Hunters may only apply for one Muzzleloader Hunt date and may only apply for one Shotgun Hunt date within a calendar year.

Anyone who applies for the Disabled Hunt (hunt for hunters with a permanent disability) must provide their Federal Interagency Access Pass number when applying for the hunt. Passes can be obtained online.

Hunters may apply together (total of four hunters) but only the person completing the purchase will be issued a permit. It is their responsibility to make sure all hunters in their group have a printed copy of the permit and that each hunter signs their copy. All permits are non-transferable.

For Youth Hunting permits, the legal guardian completing and paying for the permit is considered one of the four total persons.

The assistant for the youth or disabled hunter is not considered one of the group members but must sign the permit of the hunter they are assisting.

Permit & Season Information

Your hunt permit authorizes you to take deer only. Taking and/or collecting any other wildlife or plants, including shed antlers, is a violation of refuge regulations. Harming or needlessly disturbing any other wildlife is a violation of refuge regulations and is cause for prosecution. The regulations listed on the refuge website supplement the general regulations which govern hunting on national wildlife refuges set forth in Title 50: Part 32, Code of Federal Regulations (https://www.ecfr.gov ). Failure to abide by any Federal laws, State laws, or the terms and conditions under which a hunt permit is issued may result in the revocation of the permit and hunting privileges.

Need to Know

Printed Permit 

You must print, sign your permit and bring it with you. Print the permit that was emailed to you, before coming to the refuge. The refuge will not print permits. 

Accessing the Refuge  

General Conditions and Regulations 

Required Documents 

Hunters are required to possess an electronic or printed copy of a valid Maryland hunting license and all required stamps, an original valid government-issued photo identification (no copies or photos), and a valid hunting permit (printed copy) issued by Recreation.gov on their person at all times during refuge hunting and scouting days. The corresponding State stamps are required to participate in the archery and muzzleloader hunts. Hunters hunting from a vehicle must possess a MD DNR issued universal disability pass (formally a “hunt from vehicle” permit). 

Rules and Regulations 

View the complete Eastern Neck NWR Hunt Permit Hunting Regulations , which include details about the following refuge regulation topics:  

Failure to abide by any Federal laws, State laws, or the terms and conditions under which a hunt permit is issued may result in the revocation of the permit and hunting privileges. 

Law Enforcement  

To report crimes, contact Federal Wildlife Officer Chad Coles at (410) 221-8814. 

Fee Policy

Reservation Fee:

$6.00 non-refundable reservation fee per permit (up to four people can apply as a group under this fee).

Recreation Fees:

Recreation fees are non-refundable per person and vary by permit type.

Fees are reduced by half for all Interagency Access Pass (formerly known as the Golden Access Pass) and Interagency Senior Pass (formerly known as the Golden Senior Pass) holders. Pass number must be provided when applying for your permit. This reduced fee applies to the individual not the group.

Cancellation Policy

Change Policy:

There are no modifications allowed for this permit.

Cancellation Policy:

Customers, the call center, and the facility can cancel a reservation at any time. No refunds are provided for cancellations.

Transfer Policy:

The permit is non-transferrable.

Refund Policy:

There are no refunds allowed for this permit.


The following Federal Interagency passes provide a 50% discount for only the pass holder. Each group member can enter their pass, but it must be a unique pass number. Note the reservation fee will remain at $6.00.

Contact Information

Mailing Address

2145 Key Wallace Drive Cambridge MD 21613

Hearing-impaired visitors may call the Maryland Relay Service at TDD/(800) 735-2258

Phone Number

(877) 444-6777

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