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Allatoona Lake

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Allatoona Lake Project issues, annually, five hundred hunting permits on a first-come, first-serve basis for eleven designated management areas. The permits are subject to a $25.00 special activity fee that is assessed each season. Hunting area maps and a copy of current hunting regulations may be viewed or obtained from the Allatoona website at: The Special Activities Permit Fee is assessed to cover the cost to revise and administer the permits and cover some costs to improve wildlife habitat around the project.

Each year, permits are issued to hunters who utilize the current 2,777 acres of public land available for this activity. These permits are not required for the Allatoona Wildlife Management Area, operated by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Permit & Season Information

This permit is for hunting on lands managed by the Corps of Engineers around Allatoona Lake for the 2023-2024 hunting season. The hunting season dates are according to Georgia Department of Natural Resources which can be found at If accessing the lake from an open day use area, a day use permit or annual pass is required.

Need to Know

These regulations apply to all USACE-managed hunting areas at Allatoona Lake. This permit is not valid for the Allatoona Wildlife Management Area (WMA) or Durham’s Pasture/Cobb County Hunting Area. Georgia laws and other Federal laws, hunting regulations, seasons and bag limits apply in addition to all USACE USC Title 36 Part 327 Rules and Regulations.

1. A valid current Allatoona USACE Hunting Permit is required to hunt USACE-managed hunting areas at Allatoona Lake. The permittee must sign and carry permit along with a current Georgia Hunting License on their person while hunting. When parking in a day use area, make sure to purchase a day use pass or annual pass.

2. Hunters under 16 years old are not required to have a GA Hunting License or USACE permit but must be under direct supervision (as defined by GA Hunting Regulations) of a GA licensed adult with a USACE permit.

3. Only shaded areas on maps are open to hunting. Unshaded areas are “NO HUNTING” (except Allatoona WMA & Cobb County hunting lands). All USACE Hunting Areas are “Archery Only For Deer” during deer seasons for that portion of the State.

4. Each hunter is responsible to ensure that he is within an area open for hunting. Not all of the “NO HUNTING” areas are posted.

5. Vehicles must be operated on existing roads. Off-road operation, driving around a barricade and operation of any non-licensed vehicle or ATV are prohibited.

6. Night hunting, trapping and target practice are prohibited.

7. Small game hunting dogs are allowed if kept within sight of the hunter and under voice control (for squirrel & bird). Trailing dogs (for rabbit, raccoon, hog & coyote) are not permitted.

8. Permanent tree stands and unattended portable stands are prohibited and subject to impoundment. Any sort of tree spikes, screws, screw steps or nails are prohibited.

9. USACE property lines are marked by red paint on trees: two stripes face the property line and three rings at corners. Any crossing of private property requires the owner's permission.

10. Waterfowl hunting may be allowed; it is not covered by this USACE Hunting Permit. See the Allatoona Website for details.

11. All USACE archery hunters, small game hunters and permittees must wear 500 sq. in. of Hunter Orange above the waist during any State firearms deer season for that section of the State. Orange is not required for spring turkey season.

12. Firearm shooting is prohibited within 600 feet of any developed area (i.e. open parks, houses, buildings, etc.).

13. Archery Feral Hog and coyote hunting during deer season is permitted, no bag limit.

14. Shotguns, using #4 shot or smaller, are authorized during GA seasons for small game and spring turkey, only in Bartow Beach Road, Macedonia & Webster Overlook Hunting Areas. Small game cannot be hunted during spring turkey season.

15. Etowah River, Kellogg Creek, South Bethany, Big Oaks, Mill Creek and Clark Creek, Vineyard Mountain Hunting Areas are only open to archery deer hunting during any State deer season for that area of state. Possession of a firearm for hunting is prohibited in these areas.

16. Vineyard Mountain Trail Area is open Dec. 1 thru Dec. 31 for Archery only

17. Hunters may access any hunting area by boat or from any public road that crosses a USACE Hunting Area. Parking areas or common access points have been labeled on the maps. Do not block gates or park in a road.

Fee Policy

Recreation Fee: These permits are subject to a $25.00 special activity fee that is assessed each season.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: No cancellations

Change Policy: No changes or transfers

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