Lake Georgetown Archery Deer Hunt Permits

Georgetown Lake

Lake Georgetown is a multipurpose water resources project constructed and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Fort Worth District. The lake and associated federal lands are located in Williamson County, Texas (TX). Lake Georgetown Dam is situated on the San Gabriel River in the Brazos River Basin about 3.5 miles west of the City of Georgetown, TX. The dam and associated infrastructure, as well as all lands acquired for the Lake Georgetown project, are federally owned and administered by the USACE. 

With over 1200 surface acres of water and 2500 acres of wildlife management areas, the lake and surrounding land provides several recreational opportunities including mountain biking, hiking, hunting, fishing, swimming, and camping. The area offers a mixture of geologic features such as rolling hills, dramatic cliffs, riparian forests, grasslands, springs, and river habitats. These habitats support an abundance of wildlife species, including game and non-game species, migratory waterfowl, resident and migratory songbirds, wading birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. 

Public hunting opportunities are available for small game and archery-only hunting. Hunting is allowed by permit only. Permits must be obtained through the Lake Georgetown office. Deer hunting is managed by USACE through the Texas Parks and Wildlife’s (TPWD) Managed Lands Deer Program. Hunters must abide USACE hunting policies and regulations in addition to state hunting regulations set by TPWD. Seasons and bag limits are set per TPWD regulations. All persons eligible to hunt within the State of Texas can apply for permits except where prohibited by local policy. 

If successful in the draw customers must contact the lake office if extenuating circumstances prevent the hunter from picking up permits or attending orientation. Arrangements need to be made with the lake office before orientation or permit pick-up deadlines. 

Deer harvest limits depend on spotlight survey data collected during the late summer each year. In previous years, hunters were required to harvest two mature doe (age 2.5 or older) before harvesting a buck. Deer bag limits and restrictions will be discussed during hunter orientation.  

Designated hunting areas may be accessed using public parks and access points. Hunters will not be allowed to drive to hunting locations. Legal blinds and feeders may be used as determined by USACE and TPWD. One hunting location is authorized per hunter. Stalking and still hunting of game is not allowed. Refer to the Lake Georgetown Hunting Policy and Lake Georgetown Hunting Rules for more information on hunting restrictions.  

Refer to the Lake Georgetown Archery Deer Hunt Permit Page or the USACE Lake Georgetown Hunting Page for additional information.

Permit & Season Information

Permit holders will be eligible to archery hunt white-tailed deer at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers managed lands at Lake Georgetown during specified season. This permit alone does not guarantee the applicant the right to hunt. Applicants must attend hunter orientation and complete additional requirements to received official hunting permit from the lake office. Refer to the Need-to-Know section of this page for more information on requirements. 

Deer hunting is managed by USACE using the Managed Lands Deer Program tags issued by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). Feral hogs may also be harvested under this permit. Seasons and bag limits are set by TPWD but may be further restricted by USACE. Hunters must use legal archery equipment and hunt during legal hours. Hunting at night is not allowed. Hunters must abide by all USACE hunting rules and policies in addition to TPWD regulations. 

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