Virtual Reality Center - Air Raid Pearl Harbor Vr Tour

Pearl Harbor Narrated Multimedia Tours & Virtual Reality Center

An Official Pearl Harbor National Park Service VR Tour  - No Boat Tickets Required.

This amazing virtual combat experience catapults your back in time, providing an exciting and deadly timeline of the attack on Pearl Harbor. You are placed on the deck of the USS Utah, one of the three battleships destroyed on that Sunday morning, December 7, 1941. Three minutes after the first wave of Japanese warplanes arrived at Pearl Harbor, a message was sent that would resonate through history: “Air Raid Pearl Harbor, This is no Drill.” Within two hours, 2,390 Americans were killed and 1,178 wounded.  

This tour provides a 360-degree view of the attack unfolding, allowing you to look in any direction at any time during the attack to experience what the Sailors and Marines in Pearl Harbor were seeing that day.  

Your exceptional experience here will give you a lifetime of extraordinary stories you can share with family and friends forever. Purchase your tickets today and skip the lines when checking in. 

In addition, this package includes admission to the new Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Center, where you may have the option to select other VR tour experiences.

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