Virtual Reality Center - Explore the USS Arizona Today Vr Tour

Pearl Harbor Narrated Multimedia Tours & Virtual Reality Center

Virtually dive underwater and explore one of the world's most historic battleships as she rests today in Pearl Harbor. 

This is an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the iconic 608-foot-long USS Arizona as she rests on the floor of Pearl Harbor today. While actual diving is strictly controlled in one of America’s most revered war graves, you may now virtually experience this spectacular and historic ship underwater as she rests today after over eight decades following the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor at the National Memorial's new VR Center.  

Below the waterline, you will see the mammoth Arizona guns that were never fired in battle. Explore the gun emplacements called barbettes. In Barbette #4, view the entrance to the well where USS Arizona survivors have had their remains interred so that they may rejoin their fellow shipmates in eternity. This special tour is sure to provide you with special memories for a lifetime and great stories to share with your family and friends.  

Virtual Reality Tours:

View Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Center  

• This is one of the National Park Service's special comprehensive VR tours for the USS Arizona Memorial and the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center

• The 15-minute VR begins upon check-in

• This great package tour also includes admission to the National Park Service's new Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Center.   

Other VRs include Air Raid Pearl Harbor, which provides the timeline of the attack and places you on the deck of the USS Utah, one of the battleships destroyed on that Sunday morning, December 7, 1941. Three minutes after the first wave of Japanese warplanes arrived at Pearl Harbor, a message was sent that would resonate through history: “Air Raid Pearl Harbor, This is no Drill.” Within two hours, 2,390 Americans were killed and 1,177 wounded. 

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