Picket Wire Canyonlands Guided Auto Tour

Picket Wire Canyonlands Guided Auto Tour

For a unique and unforgettable family experience, tour Picket Wire Canyonlands. Located on the Comanche National Grassland south of La Junta, Colorado, these primitive canyons are home to the largest dinosaur tracksite in North America! Guided auto tours are the easiest way to experience Picket Wire Canyonlands and learn about its rich, colorful past. During the tour, knowledgeable guides will show you difficult to find dinosaur tracks, and the interesting prehistoric, historic, and natural features of the canyons. This auto tour is the only motorized access into the canyons.

You must provide your own four-wheel drive, high clearance vehicle (e.g., truck or SUVs only. All wheeled drive vehicles, ATVs and UTVs are NOT allowed) to participate in in the tour. Do you have this type of vehicle and a good spare tire?

This tour lasts eight hours. You must provide your own lunch, water, snacks, hat, sunscreen, water shoes, full tank of gas and good spare tire. Can you bring these items?
Did you read the Picket Wire Canyonlands, Guided Auto Tour Safety Checklist shown below? 

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