50th Anniversary Connection Tour

Mammoth Cave National Park Tours

This special tour is being offered for two-days only during the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the connection of the Flint Ridge Cave System and Mammoth Cave System which created the world's longest cave: Mammoth Cave. The trip will concentrate on the history of the exploration of the Mammoth Cave System and will culminate in seeing where the Cave Research Foundation (CRF) team made the historic connection on September 9, 1972. Several CRF cavers will assist on the tour and will share stories of exploration and the connection effort.  

The tour is a somewhat strenuous 4-hour tour along old tour trail and is not accessible. The trail is dirt and rock that is uneven and slick in many places. There are a few areas where you must travel over small loose rocks. The total hike is 3 miles and includes many short hills to climb and muddy areas which make it physically demanding. There will be no crawling, but you must be able to move quickly and constantly throughout the trip. The tour will stop to discuss different areas of the cave, but there are no official breaks. Most of the tour trail will not have electrical lighting.

Tickets are limited to two tickets per Recreation.gov transaction and/or email address. Tour participants must be at least 16 years of age.

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