Self-Guided Fiery Furnace Exploration - Arches

Arches National Park Tours

The Fiery Furnace-Self-Guided Exploration requires a physical permit issued in person.  

This reservation is not your permit. Once you have a reservation the permit must be picked up in person the day of, or day before, your trip.  

The Fiery Furnace is a trail-less labyrinth of tall fins and narrow dead-end canyons. Hiking in this area is a different experience from hiking a trail. The experience is an exploration without a destination. There is no trail and hikers must walk only on bare rock or in drainages. Hikers need to be aware of where they are and how they got there. They will encounter dead ends and need to backtrack. GPS units do not work well due to the towering sandstone walls. Navigating its complex passages requires physical agility and careful observation. It can be easy to get lost.

Children under 5 years of age NOT allowed.

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