Road to Revolution at Minute Man Visitor Center / Rebels, Redcoats and Homespun Heroes at Hartwell Tavern

Minute Man National Historical Park Tours

This three-part curriculum-based program begins with viewing our multimedia presentation, The Road to Revolution at Minute Man Visitor Center (a separate reservation is NOT required for the multimedia show when you reserve this program). Following the film, students travel by bus to Hartwell Tavern where they meet a Colonial Militiaman, British Soldier or Daughter of Liberty (portrayed by a Park Ranger) and discover what it was like to live through this incredible period of history and the events of 1775. After a brief program with the ranger where the students engage in role play and examine reproductions of period items, the students will head outside and perform 18th century military drill and witness a musket firing demonstration. During the course of the program, the complexity of the Battle of Lexington and Concord emerges as students compare and contrast the experiences and perceptions of British soldiers, colonial militiamen, and colonial women committed to the cause of resistance. The final part of the field trip is a self-guided visit to Concords North Bridge (optional) where students can stand in the place where the shot heard round the world was fired and the American Revolution began.

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