Mount Evans + All Recreation Sites Vehicle Ticket

Mount Evans Recreation Area Timed Tickets

Provides access for one private vehicle and motorcycles to access Mount Evans and all developed recreation sites. (Mount Goliath, Summit Lake Park, and the Summit Interpretive Area). 

Mount Goliath is a peak on the shoulders of Mount Evans. The Mount Goliath Research Natural Area contains 160 acres set aside for the protection, study, interpretation and enjoyment of the Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine. Stop and visit the gardens, Dos Chappell Nature Center and hike through the bristlecone pine. 

Summit Lake Park is at 12,840 feet and offers incredible opportunities to explore the alpine tundra and an accessible trail offers a short hike to the Chicago Lakes Overlook.

Next drive to the Summit Interpretive Area also referred to "The Top" to experience the high altitude air at 14,130 feet and then hike up to the summit of Mount Evans. There are three significant structures at “The Top,” two of which are historic: the ruins of the Crest House, the High Altitude Lab and the Meyer-Womble Observatory.

The average time spent along the Scenic Drive is 2-3 hours.

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