Boise National Forest Christmas Tree Permit

Boise National Forest

This permit allows you to cut a Christmas tree within designated areas of the Boise National Forest! Lifelong memories are built during these special times and we are happy to help with any information gathering you'll need to make this trip a safe and enjoyable one. Cutting a holiday tree from the Boise National Forest is a special tradition to share with family and friends while helping to maintain a healthy forest. 

Please be sure to read and agree to all the tips, guidelines, and General Permit Conditions when selecting your tree . 

Additional information is available on the Boise National Forest website:

In coordination with the "Every Kid Outdoors" program, fourth graders can also receive a free Christmas tree permit. Go to and complete the application to get your voucher number. Return to, choose purchase a tree, select quantity and then check "Every Kid Outdoors" and enter your voucher number. (A $2.50 processing fee is required.)

Need to Know

Selecting Your Tree

Maximum height restriction is 12 feet. Please do not cut trees over 12 feet tall. 

Take the whole tree. Cut your tree off below the lowest live limb and within 6 inches of the ground surface (not the snow surface.)

Where to Cut Your Tree

Christmas Tree Cutting is Prohibited in the Following Areas

Within the Pioneer Fire Burn scar on the Lowman Ranger District - see map

Campgrounds / Summer home areas (Ten Mile and Warm Lake) / Private, State and BLM lands / Plantations / Experimental Forests

Within 300 feet of all State Highways and within 300 feet of the following National Forest System (NFS) roads:

Warm Lake Highway (NFS road 22)

Banks - Lowman Highway (NFS road 24)

Middle Fork Boise River road (NFS road FH82, old road 268) from the High Bridge to the intersection with the Swanholm road (NFS road 327)

Swanhom Creek road (NFS road 327)

Swanholm Creek road (NFS road 327) from the mouth of Rabbit Creek and Deer Park

Grimes Crrek Road (NFS road 364)

Non-Forest Service lands along NFS 307 between Idaho City and Centerville

Park 'n' Ski areas and ski trails and active logging areas

Within 300 fee either side of perennial streams and 150 feet either side of intermittent streams (dry streambed)

Any area posted with "No Christmas Tree Cutting" signs

Planning Your Trip

Helpful Cutting Tips

Help us keep the forest healthy. Choose a tree from a dense forested area, which will give the remaining trees more space to grow. Cut the leftover branches from the 6-inch stump and scatter them.

Tools to consider bring with you: a measuring tape to ensure your select a tree 12 feet or less; handsaw to cut your tree; a tarp to sit on and/or to move your tree once its cut; and rope or straps to secure your tree to your vehicle. Flag the tree if it extends longer than 4 feet past the tailgate.

Once home, cut the bottom of the trunk off and place the freshly cut trunk in water and replenish regularly. 

How to Plan Your Trip

Tips for a safe and fun winter experience. Remember, cell phone service may be spotty or unavailable.

Tell someone where you are going and when you will return. 

Check the latest weather conditions. Prevent hypothermia and frostbite by dressing appropriately. Wear boots, hats, gloves, scarves and weather -resistant clothing. Bring plenty of food and water with you as well as extra blankets and winter safety gear in case you become stranded. Keep your children and pets with you at all times.

Bring a map with you. Don't rely on GPS because it may not be up to date with forest service roads.

Drive safely and slowly, turn on your lights and check your vehicle's fuel level. Studded tires or chains are recommended for traction control. Carry a shovel and tow chain.

Stay on plowed roads and remember, heavy snowfall can quickly close roads and parking areas.

Park in areas so that traffic can get by safely and do not block gates or public roadways. 

Please stop at all Forest Service compliance check stations

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