National Forests in Florida Ohv Trails

National Forests in Florida

The National Forests in Florida offer a variety of riding opportunities for Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts. With nearly 300 miles of trail, there should be something for everyone, whether you ride motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, or full-size vehicles. Trails are designed for slow speeds so riders can view and appreciate scenery and wildlife, as well as to highlight the importance of conservation, forest management, and history. 

The Apalachicola provides over 100 miles of trail, evenly split between motorcycle-only and ATV/UTV use. Just outside of the state capital of Tallahassee, the trails offer the convenience of being close to a large town. Get familiar with the sandhills of North Florida as you wander through the pines and hardwoods. Two trailheads provide access to this system, the Silver Lake OHV Trailhead  and the Springhill Motorcycle Trailhead

The Ocala trail system is nearly 200 miles of some of the best public OHV trails around. An expansive range of trails and experiences await, from multi-day cruises around the forest, to short afternoon spins. Explore the Big Scrub ecosystem and enjoy a stop at Farles Prairie on the Centennial Trail. Traverse a steeply rolling landscape of longleaf pine and wiregrass atop some of the tallest hills in the forest on the Longleaf Trail. And once you're done, don't forget to visit one of our world-famous springs! 

The majority of the Ocala's OHV trails are on the north side of the forest, and can be accessed from the Delancy Loops OHV TrailDelancy West Campground and Trailhead , the Motorcycle Loops OHV Trailhead , Pipeline OHV Trailhead and the Rodman OHV Tr ailhead . The trails on the south side of the forest can be accessed from the Centennial OHV Trailhead and Wandering Wiregrass OHV Trailhead. You can reserve a campsite at Big Scrub Campground, which also has dir ect access to the Centennial trail and additional OHV parking. 

When purchasing your pass, you will be asked which entrance you'll be riding from. This does not restrict you to using only that trailhead. Your pass is valid on all designated OHV trails in the Apalachicola and Ocala National Forests.

Permit & Season Information

This pass is required to ride OHV trails in the Apalachicola and Ocala National Forests. The Osceola National Forest has no dedicated OHV trails, and does not require a pass. National Forests in Florida OHV Trails are open year-round, subject to severe weather and forest conditions. Permits are sold all year round. 

When making this pass purchase you will need to know:

Need to Know

Riding Restrictions

OHVs must stay on the designated trails. All cross-country travel by a motorized vehicle, including OHVs, is prohibited.

No mudding or destruction of resources is allowed.

Except on sections designated on the trails, all roads are closed to non-street legal OHVs.

It is not legal to cut donuts in roads or ride road cut banks and fill slopes.

It is not legal for riders to make their own trails.

Trailheads close at dusk. No night-riding allowed.

Alcohol is prohibited in day-use areas.

Riding double is not allowed unless the vehicle is designed for more than one passenger (such as a utility vehicle). Aftermarket add-on ATV seats are not legal for passengers.

Users are encouraged to keep tread depth to a maximum of one inch. This will help prevent soil displacement and reduce trail maintenance costs.


Riders should wear appropriate safety gear, carry a first aid kit and ride with caution.

Portions of the trails are shared with licensed vehicle traffic so ride slowly and with caution.

The trails are two-way and provide a primitive trail experience. Blind turns, hikers, down trees, other riders and horses should be anticipated.

Riding fast is hazardous and is not recommended.

It is unlawful to operate an OHV under the influence of drugs or alcohol or in such a manner that endangers the safety of others.

Children must be at least six years old to operate. Children ages six to 15 are required to wear a helmet, goggles and boots, attend a Florida-approved OHV safety course and be supervised by an adult.

Required Equipment, Title and Fees

Forest Service-approved spark arrestors are required on all National Forest lands.

Florida requires OHVs to be titled to allow determination of ownership.

Riders are required to possess a copy of a Florida OHV registration and identification while riding. Out-of-state riders without a Florida OHV title are required to possess proof of vehicle ownership. For more information on OHV riding in the state of Florida, please contact the Florida Forest Service.

For more information referr to the Florida OHV Handbook 

Fee Policy

Reservation Fee

A $6.00 non-refundable processing fee is required for each pass transaction.

Recreation Fee

3-day: $10

7-day: $25

Annual: $75

Cancellation Policy

No changes or transfers will be allowed once a pass is purchased. Passes cannot be cancelled once purchased.

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