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Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge

Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge is located on the southern extreme of the Great Salt Lake Desert. The natural springs have been essential in meeting human and wildlife needs over the past 11,000 years. This remote oasis in the desert provides a wonderful stopover for fall and spring migrating birds and recreational activities including hunting, wildlife observation, and photography. Fish Springs NWR is one of the most isolated Refuges in the lower 48 states. Visiting the Refuge requires a long drive on unpaved roads without nearby food, gas, or other services.

Need to Know

Need To Know

The Refuge is in a remote location 75 miles from the closest town with any services.

GPS warning: GPS units show roads that are in poor condition, not maintained, or in secure military areas.

Be sure to fill up on gasoline and carry plenty of water. The nearest gas stations and water sources are in Lynndyl, Delta, Wendover, Stockton, or at The Border Inn on Hwy 6.

There is limited to no cell phone service at the Refuge. If there is an emergency while you are visiting the Refuge, there is a pay phone located at the main entrance gate.

Roads to the Refuge are rough. Make sure your vehicle's tires and spare tire are in good condition, and you have a tire repair kit.

Come prepared for all weather conditions, temperatures in the desert can vary greatly.

No camping or overnight parking.

Pack it in, pack it out. There are no trash recepticles at the Refuge.

See Refuge website for detailed rules, regulations, and additional travel tips. and

Contact Information

8545 Auto Tour Route Ibapah UT 84034

Phone Number

(435) 693-3122

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