Lincoln Memorial Grounds Softball Fields

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The Lincoln Memorial Grounds Softball Fields, also known as the Henry Bacon Ball Fields, are two ball fields located just north of the Lincoln Memorial and west of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial Grounds Softball Fields offer athletic opportunities such as baseball, softball, and kickball for small-group and team-play on both a casual use and competitive use basis. The Lincoln Memorial Grounds Softball Fields are comprised of two softball fields with backstops, infields, and outfields. Bases and pitcher's plates are not provided. The nearest restrooms are located at the Lincoln Memorial. A gift shop and food kiosk are also located nearby.

Reservations are available for one-hour time slots, from 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM during the designated athletic season.

Notifications and Alerts

Need to Know

Need To Know

The following conditions apply to the use of the Lincoln Memorial Grounds Softball Fields:

Leave no trace - any trash generated during use of the area should be placed in the nearest trash receptacle or removed from the area for proper recycling or disposal.

Important Notes:

Please contact the National Park Service Division of Permits Management at (202) 245-4715 for additional information. In the event of disputes, contact the United States Park Police, (202) 426-6710.

Contact Information

1100 Ohio Dr. SW Washington DC 20242

Phone Number

(202) 245-4715

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