6 Delicious Recipes to Try in Your Camp Kitchen

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Forgo the firewood and experiment with your favorite recipes on your next camping trip. Need inspiration? These tried-and-true recipes from your friends at Recreation.gov might become some of your go-to campground meals!

Depending on the fire danger, gas or propane camp stoves may be used in a developed campground when certain fire restrictions are in effect. Remember to only use your camp stove in an area that is barren or cleared of all overhead and surrounding flammable materials within three feet of the device. As always, plan ahead, check local restrictions before arriving at your destination, and be prepared to make adjustments to your plans.

No campfire? No problem. Serve up these favorite and simple camp recipes in a jiff.

Rise and Shine with a Fresh Cup of Cowboy Coffee

Two mugs and a silver coffee pot filled with dark colored coffee perched on a rock ledge overlooking

Daniel Boone National Forest (Brittany Meadows, Share the Experience)

Nothing beats a fresh cup of hot coffee after a night under the stars. This simple yet delicious recipe only requires three ingredients:

Let’s get brewing!

Serve hot and enjoy the view!

Get Up and Go with a Solar-Powered Smoothie

Picnic table laden with ingredients, cups, and cookware used to make a smoothie.


Set aside the camp stove and let the sun do the work for you on this one. Here’s what you’ll need for a delicious, vegan, solar-powered breakfast smoothie:

Add ingredients to the blender, plug the blender into a solar generator, mix, and then enjoy!

Bring on the Heat with this Stovetop Fajita Fun Meal

Black cast iron skillet filled to the brim with sliced white chicken, red bell peppers, and white on


Get ready to spice up your afternoon with this flavor-filled fajita recipe. Start with these ingredients and feel free to customize the fun ‘til your tortilla is full!

Let’s get started!

Stack and serve to your heart’s delight!

Mix it Up with a Taco Bar

Family of three sitting at a table spooning tomatoes, onions, and chicken into a soft flour tortilla


Get creative with these tasty and customizable tacos sure to please all palates.

Think Outside the Box with these Bison Burgers and Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Metal camp stove enclosing a black cast iron skillet with reddish purple bison meat patties and anot


You may have had burgers at a camp cookout before, but have you ever tried bison burgers? Pair them with mouthwatering mashed sweet potatoes for a unique take on a classic campsite meal.

Fire up the camp stove and let the magic begin:

Go Fish for this Simple Fried Trout Dinner

Two fresh caught trout lay on a black tray waiting to be prepared for cooking.


It doesn’t get any better than a fresh-caught dinner when camping along a river. Your hard work and patience will sure pay off when you taste this recipe!

Prep Time – 10 Minutes

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