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An essential workforce for many land management agencies, campground hosts are diligent volunteers ready for the task of hosting visitors at many campgrounds across the United States.  Committed hosts are friendly, flexible, and responsible with both individuals or couples stepping into the role, and in some cases, it may be a family affair.

In a vivid illustration of their journey as campground hosts, Barbara (Barb) and Dennis Lambert, are proud of their almost 10-year tenure as volunteers, previously for the USDA Forest Service and now for the Bureau of Land Management.  These two exceptionally committed campground hosts currently residing at Red Rock Canyon NCA Campground in Nevada, have made for an unfathomable number of spunky stories to share, usually exclusively reserved for visitors at their campsite. 

Meet Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Campground Hosts Barb and Dennis Lambert

With extensive experience from owning a RV for over 20 years and managing several small RV and mobile home parks, Barb and Dennis recount their motivations to starting this new journey in their lives, “What led us to it, well, the kids were all grown, they have their spouses and it’s just Dennis and I, we were like, let’s venture out, do some stuff.  Him and I really didn’t get to do that much traveling before.”

Being married almost 38 years they ventured out for campground host lifestyle, “Once we were able to, this was perfect for us since we were both retired.  We got a hold of the absolute perfect person through Volunteer.gov, and we still keep in touch with the person that hired us from the very beginning.”


RV at Red Rock Canyon NCA Campground.

Red Rock Canyon NCA Campground, Nevada (Barb and Dennis Lambert)

When seeking volunteer opportunities, it is important to do a bit of meticulous research on sites before committing to such positions.  A critical part as Barb and Dennis explain, “Getting to know the area you’re going to is a tremendous help.  People will come in and ask you questions about the area and everything.  I mean tons of questions, the more you know the more you can answer, and the happier they are.  We love happy campers!”

A typical schedule for a volunteer will vary.  Barb and Dennis usually plan for similar schedules and will work through their daily tasks together.  Both extremely passionate about their positions, they express, “every day is a positive experience because you wake up and we are in a beautiful place and we interact with really cool people, in between talking to campers, printing our stuff, etc. sometimes it becomes a twelve to thirteen hour day.  Many times, when we’re in the middle of eating lunch and get a knock on the door, we always answer to talk to them, never turn them away, and they appreciate that.”


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