Goose Bay Cabin

Chugach National Forest

Goose Bay Cabin is a great place for recreation, relaxation and sightseeing within the heart of western Prince William Sound. The Cabin was newly constructed in 2021 to replace the old Goose Bay Cabin which was unfortunately damaged by extreme snow loads. The A-frame cabin makes for an exceptional base camp for backcountry skiers in the spring months. A variety of activities exist in the core summer and Fall months as well, making this one of the more popular public use cabins on the Chugach National Forest. The Cabin is located on Chugach National Forest lands within the Nellie Juan - College Fiord Wilderness Study Area.

This remote site can be accessed by a 45-minute float plane trip from Anchorage or about a 25 mile boat ride from Whittier, depending on conditions. Given the fresh water sources feeding Goose Bay, the bay will freeze over in the winter months, making transportation to the cabin a challenge in the heart of the winter. Usually Goose Bay opens up in mid to late March, but this is very much dependant on temperatures. Cabin users are responsible for their own transportation and safety, and must bring several of their own amenities including sleeping pads, sleeping bags, cook stove, toilet paper, pots and utensils as well as some form of water purification.

The 16x16 foot A-Frame cabin sleeps 6-8 and comes equipped with wooden bunks, a table, several benches, an oil drip (kerosene) stove for heat and an outside toilet.

No electricity or running water is available. Guests are encouraged to bring their own supply of drinking water. A fresh water source is available at low tide near the Cabin. It is recommended to treat or boil any water from natural sources. Cabin users are responsible for providing Kerosene to use in the oil drip stove. The stove uses approximately 1-3 gallons/ 24 hour period if stove is kept on low. Please plan and budget fuel consumption accordingly.

Items such as a cook stove, lanterns or flashlights, bedding, sleeping pads, cooking supplies, garbage bags, kerosene and toilet paper are not provided. All food, trash and supplies must be packed out. Guests are expected to clean/ sweep out the cabin at the end of their stay in proparation for the next group.  

Need to Know

Natural Features

Goose Bay is located on the east side of Culross Passage within the Nellie Juan - College Fiord Wilderness Study Area. The cabin is tucked into a small lagoon within Goose Bay, on the western shore of Culross Island. Fragile muskeg, tall grasses and mature Spruce and Hemlock trees surround the cabin. Views from the front porch reveal a small waterfall and the gentle, evergreen-forested slopes across the bay.

Visitors to the area may see bald eagles soaring overhead, catch a glimpse of a Sitka Black tail dear or a resident black bear (learn about bear safety). Lucky guests may spot Humpback whales, Orcas or Dalls porpoise frolicking in the waters of Prince William Sound on the approach to Goose Bay.


The area around Goose Bay offers year-round recreational opportunities. Hiking, kayaking and stand up Paddleboarding are popular summertime activities in and around the Cabin.

The terrain on Culross Island attracts backcountry and cross-country skiers in the winter and early spring. A ski or snowshoe adventure to the high point on Culross Island offers spectacular views of Prince William Sound and the jagged, glaciated peaks of the Chugach Range to the North. Winter users: Please be aware and cognizant of avalanche hazards when recreating in snow-covered terrain.

The cabin makes a good base for fishing and shrimping expeditions in and around Culross Passage. Black bear hunting in the spring and deer/ waterfowl in the Fall can be quite productive as well.  

Changes & Cancellations

Only one change per reservation for all Alaska cabins is allowed. Change is defined as a modification to the start or end date of the reservation; after one change has been made, if additional changes are desired, the customer must cancel the current reservation and re-book the new dates.

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145 Forest Station Road, P.O. Box 129 GIRDWOOD AK 99587


Goose Bay Prince William Sound, Alaska

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Driving Directions

This Cabin is not accessible via the road system. Boat access: Goose Bay is approximately 25 miles southeast of Whittier in Prince William Sound. From Whittier Harbor, head east out of Passage Canal and across Port Wells. Head south into Culross Passage. Goose Bay is at the head of a narrow passage on the east side of Culross Passage directly across from Long Bay. The cabin is located near a small waterfall on the east side of the bay. Boats are not provided by the Forest Service.

Parts of Goose Bay can be more challenging to navigate in low tide, especially the area in front of the cabin, which may get too shallow. High slack tide is ideal for boating. Be sure to check local tide reports prior to your arrival.

Access via floatplane is approximately 45 minutes from Anchorage.

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