Archbald Excursion

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2023 Excursions to Archbald:

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Station Description and Details

Take a scenic train ride through the Lackawanna Valley along the old Delaware & Hudson Railroad tracks to Archbald, PA.

History: A highlight of the former Delaware & Hudson Railroad’s Penn Division, and its predecessor, the Gravity Railroad. An engineering marvel of its day, for seventy years the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company’s Gravity Railroad moved anthracite coal from mines in the Lackawanna Valley to awaiting barges in Honesdale PA. From Honesdale, this critical commodity was carried via canal to the Hudson River, ultimately making its way to New York City and other points. Anthracite coal helped fuel the American Industrial Revolution and provided an affordable and dependable heat source for the growing populations throughout the NYC metro.

Amenities: There are limited amenities available at this site for the June 10th Outdoor Adventure Train (WALK). Participants should plan ahead and be prepared with a sufficient water supply.

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