Adult and Commercial Group Tour: The Life and Times of Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison National Historical Park Tours

The Life and Times of Thomas Edison

THIS GUIDED WALKING TOUR IS FOR ADULT AND COMMERCIAL GROUPS to learn about Thomas Edison’s West Orange Laboratory as this is our main group program for adult groups, its theme is by necessity broad. Visitors will come to understand Thomas Edison’s laboratory complex as a prototype of the research and development laboratories that are now ubiquitous worldwide. 

Visitors will:

- View Edison and his inventions on a continuum of innovation as opposed to being frozen in time when first patented.

- Gain contextual understanding of the life and times of TAE.

- See what work and workplaces in Edison’s laboratory looked like and compare them to other factories of the past and today.

Program Objectives:

Groups will be given a 1 hour walk through Building 5

- This 1 hour walk and talk of “The Life and Times of Thomas Edison” to gain background knowledge into what brought Edison to West Orange and the work he and his muckers accomplished here.

- The guided tour will include all 3 floors of building 5 with a phonograph demonstration in the music room.

Explore Thomas Edison's Lab, the tour could be adjusted to highlight topics of interest: Improved Phonographs, Storage Batteries, Motion Picture Technology, Edison Portland Cement houses, Iron Ore Separators, Rubber Research, and the Business of Innovation.

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