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Fall is almost here, and that means that colder weather will soon start to sweep across the country. Now is the perfect time to plan an escape from cooler temperatures with a trip to one of our top five "hot spots" for fall travel. 

(Temperatures based on averages for November)

Escape to Warmer Weather!

Everglades National Park


A blazing orange sun setting behind trees over a waterway at Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park (Juan Pena, Share the Experience)

Everglades National Park is a sanctuary for rare and endangered species where animal enthusiasts can experience an enchanting wildlife viewing unlike any other. Species such as the manatee, American crocodile and the elusive Florida panther can be found in the Everglades. Recreation activities such as fishing, biking and backcountry permits are available at the park. Visitors can also explore the Gulf Coast Visitor Center, which serves as the gateway for the Ten Thousand Islands, a maze of mangrove islands and waterways that extends to Flamingo and Florida Bay. Everglades National Park has plenty to offer anyone seeking an engaging and worthwhile experience.

Death Valley National Park


Cloudy skies hanging over a desert highway at Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park (Aaron Shay, Share the Experience)

Death Valley National Park is a geological marvel located deep within the Mojave Desert. As the hottest and driest location in North America, Death Valley provides visitors with ample opportunities for biking, hiking and picnicking. Death Valley offers as many as 136 campsites to visitors year-round. The campsites include drinking water, fire pits and full hookups for an RV. Visitors will also have the chance to spot local and migratory birds during the cooler months. Although the name implies this is a less than suitable location for recreation, Death Valley will capture visitors’ imaginations with its enthralling landscapes and enjoyable atmosphere.

Joshua Tree National Park


A sunrise illuminating rock formations and plants at Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park (Nathaniel Gonzales, Share the Experience)

Joshua Tree National Park’s vast wilderness provides a retreat for those weary of cold winters from October through May. Temperatures can range from 70 to 90 degrees during the day and fall to 40 to 60 degrees at night. This desert country offers rock climbing and hiking for adventuring types, as well as plentiful camping. For those looking to learn about the history of Joshua Tree, visitors can attend historical tours that recount how Bill and Frances Keys survived these harsh conditions and even visit their original settlements. Simply put, families and thrill seekers alike will find Joshua Tree National Park a unique experience that begs for repeat visits for years to come. 

Cumberland Island National Seashore


A boardwalk that leads to the beach on a cloudless day at Cumberland Island National Seashore

Cumberland Island National Seashore (Tim Keeton, Share the Experience)

Cumberland Island National Seashore is Georgia’s largest and southernmost barrier island. Adventuring through this park allows the camper to enjoy hiking, biking, camping, bird watching and beach combing. For someone looking for a nature escape, Cumberland Island National Seashore Permits are available to provide campers with overnight stays on the island where there are over 50 miles of trails and roads, as well as 18 miles of beach to explore. Visitors can also expect to see long leaf pines, tidal creeks and marshland. For wildlife enthusiasts, visitors will be able to see deer, turkey, alligators and hundreds of migratory birds.

Georgetown Lake


A tree with a sun setting through it's branches over a waterway at Georgetown Lake

Georgetown Lake (Kristy Ballard, Share the Experience)

Georgetown Lake in Texas is a recreation paradise where visitors can participate in boating, fishing and hunting. Visitors coming to this lakeside escape can experience the San Gabriel River Trail, which is 26 miles long and goes through dense forests and prairie grasslands where both hiking and biking is possible. Fishing at the lake is excellent and provides opportunities to catch black bass, white bass and small-mouth bass. Hunters can expect small game such as dove, waterfowl and white-tailed deer, and must have a permit to hunt at the lake. Although the lake offers basic tent-only campsites, the amenities available to visitors include fire pits, BBQ and boat ramps. All of these features make Georgetown Lake the perfect warm weather getaway.

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