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Hunters, anglers, and recreational shooters can explore America’s public lands and waters and relive age-old traditions or create new memories with family and friends. Whether you're a first-time fly-fisher, experienced rifle hunter, or looking for some target practice, public lands and waters in your naturehood and across the country offer unparalleled recreational experiences.

Hunt, fish and engage in shooting sports activities on public lands and waters

Hunting and fishing have been enjoyed in the US for centuries. In her Share the Experience photo contest submission above, Renee Lund states, “Nothing like passing down the art of fishing to your grandkids. One of the best experiences ever in the great outdoors.”

Like any recreational activity on public lands, responsible recreation is key to ensuring the safety of you, other visitors, and wildlife. Tread Lightly! offers responsible recreation guidelines for recreational shooting and fishing. Do your part to keep wildlife and other visitors safe and keep our public lands and waters open to all.

A man learns to shoot a rifle under the supervision of a ranger.

Mara Koenig (US Fish and Wildlife Service)

Creating a memorable hunting and fishing experience on public lands and waters starts with a few tips and guidelines. Whether fishing, hunting, or recreational shooting, be sure to follow state and federal laws and regulations including season dates, locations, permits and licensing.

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