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Hunters, anglers and recreational shooters can explore the outdoors on America’s public lands and waters and experience traditional activities to connect with our heritage and create memories with family and friends. Whether you're interested in fly-fishing, rifle hunting or target practice, you can discover a variety of opportunities in your local area or new adventures beyond.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many locations are encouraging visitors to practice Responsible Recreation by following state regulations including social distancing guidelines.

Hunt, fish and engage in shooting sports activities on public lands and waters

#ResponsibleRecreation Guidelines:

  1. Purchase your licenses online well ahead of your hunt or fishing trip to avoid venturing to busy stores that may put you at risk or may not even be open in some states where deemed non-essential businesses.
  2. Continue to adhere to best practices for avoiding COVID-19 even while in the outdoors. This means if you do happen to hunt or fish with a buddy (someone you don’t already live with), make sure to maintain the recommended distance of at least six feet.
  3. Opt for day trips over staying in camp. It might mean more time behind the wheel to and from your hunting or fishing destination, but avoiding close contact with other hunters and fishers is best during this time.
  4. Know additional guidelines set forth on a state-by-state basis. This could mean that if you had plans to hunt or fish in a nearby state, you should know if that state now has a mandatory quarantine period for those traveling in from out of state. It also means knowing temporary regulations that may be in place for public lands in your state.

A fly fisherman casts his line on the Lower Deschutes River.

Lower Deschutes River, Oregon (Bob Wick, BLM)

Creating a memorable hunting and fishing experience on public lands and waters starts with a few tips and guidelines. Whether fishing, hunting or recreational shooting, be sure to follow state and federal laws and regulations including season dates, locations and licensing.  Pay close attention to updates related to COVID-19 provisions that may be in place as the epidemic persists.  

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