There's Still Time to Plan a Summer Outing

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If summer seems like it is passing you by, take a little time to discover a destination just down the road or beyond the horizon.  Here are a few tips for finding places that are closer than you think.   

Consider a mid-week visit to popular destinations

Ok, we know what you are thinking.  The places you want to visit are already booked, and have been for months.  We get it; the competition for popular locations is fierce.  Well, think about discovering a new destination that may have availability when you are able to visit.    

Here are a few campgrounds we found near a six large cities with availability throughout the rest of the summer, especially midweek and first-come, first-serve options.

Historic Alma schooner sailing in the San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park (National Park Service)

You can also discover a variety of activities in areas you discover and plan to visit yet this summer.  Here are a few that we think offer unique experiences that may be of interest to you.

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